Who we are?

We are group of traders with unique Technic and huge experience in trading field. Due to the good reputation among traders at website called “www.tradingview.com” and All Around.

We were often asked for help and trading ideas/signals. Since the number of requests are really high, we cannot no longer reply in private messages.

That’s why we have created this website, where you can see our trading ideas, strategies that we use, and our look on the market.

What do we offer:

FREE Trading Ideas
FREE Education

BEST  Strategy

What secret do we have?

We’re not trying to create an illusory reality. We react!

The market is much larger and more significant than any of us. It doesn’t care about our opinion. We do not spend time to predict the size of future movement, and the time when it’s going to happen. We just waiting for the perfect situation and doing everything possible to take money home.

But how?

Not matter what a tool it is: stocks, currencies, commodities, futures or options. Masters of their discipline are: technical analysis and market psychology, and risk management as an individual trader.

We define formations which operate again and again. We exclude psychological aspects that burden many traders. And most importantly, we cut our losses and allow profits to grow.

To be successful in trading you need to select the right tools, the right ideas, and develop emotional intelligence in order to apply it properly. In order to make the market work for you.



*Binary & Forex Trading and CFDs involves a significant risk and may result in loss of all capital*