Trading Behind the scenes

Trading online  is passion rather than cause of necessity!

The gain is only the logical consequence of a work made with passion and love. Even if the trading is not physically strenuous, it is mentally because it requires study, dedication, sacrifice, passion and continuity: if the idea is only the rolling of revenue or increase it, it’s quicker to look for a second job that ensures a small safe entry without risking your checkbook. Another false motivation that pushes you to do trading, is that it is simple and you can do in your spare time, perhaps by copying the operations of someone else etc … If it would work that way, everyone would gain, and become rich, and it would be a paradise! But unfortunately to earn you must learn the techniques, investigate, try and try, make mistakes and eventually succeed. It ‘a path at the end of which there is so much satisfaction, both in terms of income and in terms of personal growth.

In truth, the wealth that is acquired through trading is a professional quality, because it teaches values that in turn allow you to deal with the trading sessions in all situations, and to earn some money, much or little depends then from the capital that it is able to bind. Another misconception is that the trading represents secure entry later this month. It can also happen if you are good, shrewd, disciplined, a little ‘luck. But it must take into account immediately, without fear, that the trading is not a normal job, where a total of hours worked, corresponds to a cash equivalent as agreed with the employer. The beauty of trading is that it is an activity that involves a certain risk, in which it is possible to cross the loss periods, which will then be compensated by periods of gains, for which the entries will not be constant as a normal job.

Hoping that in a short time you can get immediately earnings.

This is another misconception, that puts the cart before the horse, because it puts the end to the means, that is, sets the gain in front of passion. Who really gains, in my experience, it is not those who dream of money with open eyes, or who constantly calculates how much would earn if … The trading is done first of all for passion, in order to understand the market, learning to anticipate it, implementing strategies they do get pip gain, adapting to survival techniques ie to money management. Understand all this and mastered the tools, it gradually changes to commit some money (how much depends on your availability), at which point almost magically, the pip will turn into $, in dozens of $, hundreds of $ and so on, but gradually!

As you can see, for every wrong belief on trading, there is an equal and opposite truths, more beautiful and more attractive. All the necessary skills to deal positively and profitably trading, they learn by themselves, however, by trial and error alone. You should immediately entrust to someone who can teach well and with patience both technical and mental estate, the psychological side. The advice is to look for a guide, people capable of transmitting both the technical side that the most passionate side, to make trading as well as a job, a passion.

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