Scalping Strategy

Many novice traders get that scalping is a very attractive strategy until you reach a certain level of experience Forex. Scalping is one until you reach a certain level of the day of experience and enables a successful trader to make a lot of money in no time. It is so attractive because it has a relatively low risk and can produce very large profits. Although scalping is considered a low-risk strategy is the responsibility of traders to be careful and composed as emotions can interfere when it comes to this until you reach a certain level of experience Forex. Traders who choose to use this strategy must also pay close attention to the market, especially during the hours of peak trading during the day.

What is Scalping?
Scalping is a Forex trading strategy that is based on the placement of a large number of very short term. Each trade by itself does not have the potential to lead to making a lot of money, but as a whole, if you play well you can do a lot ‘. Trades are constantly opened and closed and can last no longer than a few seconds or minutes. The recommended graphics to use in the scalping strategy are the tables 1 and 5 minutes. Some traders also use graphics from 15 but anything that is more than 15 minutes, should not be considered Scalping.
Not all traders are successful with scalping because it requires certain skills and a lot of self-discipline. Beginners should not try this Forex trading strategy until you reach a certain level of experience and traders who have difficulty controlling their emotions should also avoid Scalping trades and focus on longer and safer. Using Scalping, a trader can have during the day quick trading opportunities without having to spend all day at the computer. The best time to Scalping is when the European and American markets are both open, or during the morning hours of the European market

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scalping Strategy

1. Scalping fairly low risk involves a risk because the losses are low.
2. Scalping provides a fairly low-risk risk because the losses are low
3. Scalping allows for the diversity of the markets, trading in several different markets at once
4. Scalping can be profitable even if you trade with a small amount every day
5. Over time, your profits add up and you can reach a large sum.

1. Scalping requires that a trader is attentive and compound to enter and exit trades quickly
2. Scalping emotions should be ignored as it can interfere in making difficult decisions and logical.
3. A trader must be able to deal with a lot of pressure when using the scalping strategy.


Scalping in the Forex and futures:

Scalping with the fundamental data
Scalping with Fibonacci levels
Scalping with Harmonic Patterns
scalping with the RSI

Scalping Strategy With Moving Average

An excellent FOREX strategy for beginners.

5 Min charts
Trading sessions: London and US Session
Preferred Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY (medium volatility)

USDJPY scalp


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