Fundamental Analysis

The Economic Calendar In the week from 12 to 16 June.

Federal Reserve (United States), Bank of England (UK), Bank of Japan (Japan) and Swiss National Bank (Switzerland)

Monday, June 12

Australia: Market Closed
01:50, JPY: industrial orders
12:00, GBP: Inflation report

Tuesday 13 June

10:30, GBP: Retail Price Index
10:30, GBP: Producer Price Index
10:30, GBP: Consumer Price Index
11:00, EUR: index ZEW Germany
11:00, EUR: ZEW Eurozone index
14:30, USD: Production Price Index

Wednesday 14 June

02:30, AUD: Consumer confidence
04:00, CNY: retail sales
04:00, CNY: industrial production
06:30, JPY: industrial production
08:00, EUR: Consumer Price Index Germany
10:30, GBP: Unemployment Rate
10:30, GBP: Average wage
10:30, GBP: Unemployment benefits
12:00, EUR: industrial production
12:00, EUR: Quarterly unemployment rate
14:30, USD: retail sales
14:30, USD: Consumer Price Index
20:00, USD: Fed announcement rates
20:00, USD: Monetary Policy Statement Fed
20:30, USD: Press Conference Janet Yellen, Fed Chairman

Thursday, June 15

00:45, NZD: GD
03:00, AUD: Consumer Inflation Estimates
03:30, AUD: Unemployment rate
03:30, AUD: RBA Bulletin
08:45, EUR: Consumer Price Index France
09:15, CHF: import and production prices
09:30, CHF: announcement rates SNB
09:30, CHF: SNB press conference
10:00, EUR: Consumer Price Index Italy
10:30, GBP: retail sales
12:00, EUR: trade balance
13:00, GBP: Bank of England interest rate announcement
13:00, GBP: Monetary Policy Report Bank of England
14:30, USD: Unemployment benefit requests
14:30, USD: import and export prices
15:15, USD: industrial production

Friday, June 16

04:00, JPY: BoJ interest rate announcement
04:00, JPY: BoJ Monetary Policy Report
06:30, JPY: BoJ press conference
11:00, EUR: labor costs
11:00, EUR: Consumer Price Index
14:30, USD: building permits

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