Do you think buying gold is a Good Investment?

Gold Price Since the beginning of the year, the price of gold has been rather bearish, but it has led it to rise from $ 1,152 in early January to 1,300, which was touched in the last sessions.

The Fluctuations have often kept investors away from the good shelter market, however, because of the increasingly evident international tensions, it has come back to the economic and financial scene.

The volatility index, as far as the markets are worried, today has nothing to do with the levels recorded in the months of August 2015 and October 2016. Despite this, the so-called index of fear observed significant oscillations of note in recent weeks.

Volatility and instability could still rise, at least until the end of Trump’s presidency. The increase in fear in the markets will push investors to buy gold.

 – North Corea

 – Donald Trump

 – US economy

Many investors have already lost confidence in the president and many others will lose it if it does not prove to be able to keep their promises.

All this, according to the forecasts of experts, will ban the need to raise the interest rates compulsorily, which will provide support to the gold price given their reverse relationship.


Watching on Gold Price History  *If history repeats itself*

If this is a triangle that we are dealing with , sooner or later we will have an unexpected spike down for BIG SHORT keep an eye on it .
Are you ready to sell Gold NOW ??



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