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The Economic Calendar from January 29 to February 2

The first meeting in 2018 of FEDERAL RESERVE will again lift the veil on the most important elements of US monetary policy. 
The market will also pay particular attention to the US Non Farm Payrolls that will be released at the end of the week.


Monday, January 29

01:30, AUD: sales of new HIA housing Australia

08:00, GBP: national index of UK home prices

09:00, EUR: Spain retail sales

11:00, EUR: Italy production price index

14:30, USD: price index for US personal expenses

14:30, USD: US personal expenses

14:30, USD: US personal income

22:45, NZD: New Zealand trade balance


Tuesday, January 30

00:30, JPY: consumption of Japanese families

00:30, JPY: Japan job-offers question report

00:30, JPY: Japan unemployment rate

00:50, JPY: Japan retail sales

01:30, AUD: NAB index of confidence of Australia companies

08:00, CHF: Swiss trade balance

08:00, EUR: Germany import price index

08:45, EUR: consumer spending France

09:00, CHF: KOF Switzerland predictive indicator

10:00, EUR: trust of Italian companies and consumers

10:30, GBP: UK consumer credit

11:00, EUR: Euro zone business and consumer survey

11:00, EUR: Euro zone consumer confidence

11:00, EUR: Euro zone quarterly GDP

11:00, EUR: Euro zone industrial sector

14:00, EUR: inflation Germany

15:00, USD: index of US home prices

16:00, USD: US consumer confidence report

22:35, USD: weekly US oil stocks


Wednesday, January 31

00:50, JPY: Japan industrial production

01:30, AUD: inflation Australia

02:00, CNY: China manufacturing PMI

02:00, CNY: Non-Manufacturing PMI China

03:00, USD: Donald Trump’s speech

08:00, CHF: Swiss consumption indicator

08:00, EUR: Germany retail sales

08:45, EUR: inflation France

09:00, EUR: Spain production price index

09.00, EUR: inflation Spain

10:00, EUR: Italy unemployment rate

10:00  CHF: ZEW Germany expectations

10:00, EUR: change in unemployment Germany

10:00, EUR: Germany unemployment rate

11:00, EUR: Eurozone inflation

11:00, EUR: Eurozone unemployment rate

14:15, USD: change in US non-agricultural employment (ADP)

14:30, USD: US labor cost index

14:30, CAD: RMPI Canada

15:45, USD: Chicago USA Purchasing Managers’ Index

16:00, USD: pending US home sales

16:30, USD: US crude oil stocks

20:00, USD: FOMC decisions

20:00, USD: US Fed rate decision

23:30, AUD: AIG Australia manufacturing index


Thursday February 1

07:45, CHF: economic forecast SECO Switzerland

09.15am, CHF: Swiss retail sales

09.15am, EUR: Manufacturing PMI Spain

09:30, CHF: SVME index of Swiss purchasing managers

09.45, EUR: Manufacturing PMI Italy

09:50, EUR: Manufacturing PMI France

09.55, EUR: Manufacturing PMI Germany

10:00, EUR: Manufacturing PMI Eurozone

10:30, GBP: Manufacturing PMI United Kingdom

14:30, USD: US unemployment benefits

14:30, USD: US non-agricultural productivity

14:30,, USD: unit cost of US labor

15:45, USD: US Manufacturing PMI

16:00, USD: ISM index of US manufacturing employment

16:00, USD: US construction costs

16:00, USD: US ISM Manufacturing PMI


Friday  February 2

10:30, GBP: SME buildings UK

11:00, EUR: inflation Italy

11:00, EUR: Eurozone production price index

14:30, USD: US average hourly wage

14:30, USD: Non Farm Payrolls USA

14:30, USD: US participation rate

14:30,USD: US unemployment rate

16:00, USD: orders to US factories

16:00, USD: Michigan USA consumers’ expectation sentiment

16:00, USD: Michigan USA confidence index

19:00, USD: Baker Hughes USA

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