Binary Trading Signals

Copy Trade for Binary Options
In order to get them u need to do following steps:

  • Go to and register
  • Then u will receive your password via SMS
  • Login to website
  • Go to section  CopyTrade Service
  •  Log in on your account at
  • Click on your profile
  • Security and Limits
  • Than  API Token
  • Click on (Read, Trade and Admin)
  • Click create and than paste it on into section Binary API Token
  • Choose ur trade amount and click SAVE


Important:There are 3 types of money management we are suggesting . As far as we know, market sometimes can be unpredictable . Better if u mix this types depends on situation.

-Conservative Trading: risk 0.5–1% per trade of deposit.

-Risky Trading: risk 2-5%  per trade of deposit.

-Aggressive Trading: risk more than 5% per trade of deposit.

Trade Management In this case, our traders will apply a hybrid risk management system that includes all three types of trade management. We gonna start with conservative trading  risking 1% of the deposit. With an increase in the initial deposit by 10%, the risk increases to 2%, moving to a risky trading. With an increase of another 10%, the risk rises to 3% of the initial deposit. When you add another 10% move ur risk to 4%. Another 10% of the trade goes into an aggressive style of trading and trade will be 5% of the deposit. If the deposit decreases, the risk on the trade is automatically reduced to the previous one.

*Also important to understand that we are at the beggining of our path. Still only 1-2 strategies are working at the moment, soon we gonna add more. For now we can face some bugs and issues, with at ime we gonna fix everything. Thanks for your support=)*




*Binary & Forex Trading and CFDs involves a significant risk and may result in loss of all capital*