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CFD Copper Outlook

CFD Copper short term Outlook. The reference technical picture shows a negative short situation, with the quotes they have heard the strong resistance area identified in the 3215 area. Expectations are for a consolidation...

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Brent Outlook

Brent holding our Long Position from Last Friday At moment looking like bullish correction with small rising trading up near to resistance Zone. We hold our long until we get the first bearish signal our Target is breaking up. Follow up for updates!!!

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Wall Street markets

Here are some signs that predict the collapse of the stock market Tests suggesting a strong bearish correction on Wall Street markets between VIX index, correlations and Trump’s (negative) influence. The rally of the...

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CFD & FX Trading Results

Hello, dear traders and subscribers! In this report you will see the financial outcome, the trades report of our strategy CFD & FX   Daily Report  13-06-2017 Daily Report 14-06-2017