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Latest News GBP

Great Britain began her journey alone The British prime minister Theresa May officially invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, thus giving start leaving the country by the European Union. Today the Prime Minister...

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GBPUSD Pending Sell Option

GBPUSD Pending Sell Option We have resistance zone near the same area n forming the pattern, so according to this trade setup we can enter short positions. This harmonic patterns which has good success...

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GBPUSD Outlook

GBPUSD  4hr chart we have a potential short opportunity at the D leg completion of Bearish Gartley-Bat setup. The PRZ zone is only a guideline of where we will be paying attention for trade setups...

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GBPUSD Pending Call Option

GBPUSD Pending Call option 4hr chart  There is a triangle pattern being formed, Buying once it breaks the trendline, you can also buy after the pullback. Follow up for updates.!!!!!

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GBP Latest News

GBPUSD has continued to remain strong over the past 24 hours which is a bit of a surprise considering the fact that the USD has strengthened overnight. We did see a huge dip in...

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GBP/USD Latest News

GBPUSD has been having a bullish time in line with the general USD weakness across the board. We had mentioned in our forecast yesterday to our users that there is likely to be some...

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GBP/USD Bullish Gartley pattern

Pattern within pattern, yes it is. We have Bullish Gartley pattern within triangle pattern, so I’m expecting a bullish move to upside till 1.2222’s & depending on what happens in the zone GBPUSD -0.13%...

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GBP/USD Latest News

GBPUSD The price action over the last few days have shown some regions of support and resistance on the charts and this will be used by the technical traders going forward in defining their...

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Latest News FX GBP/USD

Investing.com – The U.S. dollar declined against a basket of major currencies on Friday, falling from a more than two-month high following the release of disappointing U.S. employment data for September, while the British...

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GBPUSD Outlook – Update

GBP/USD the pair did very little during the day on Monday as we continue to simply meander just below the 1.24 level. Ultimately, I believe that this market will have to make some type...