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GBP /USD Latest News

The pounding of the pound seemed to have slowed down today but there is no sign of any change in the bearish run though. Even the continued good data out of the UK did...

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GBP/USD Latest News

GBPUSD The bulls were clearly outnumbered as the bear train continued through to break 1.2750 as well and reached as far as 1.2718 where the next support region was and this caused a slight...

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GBP/USD Latest News

GBPUSD, there was some news over the weekend as the British PM May finally said that Article 50, which is the first step in the Brexit process, would be invoked in March 2017. Ever...

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GBP/USD Pending Call Option EOD

GBP/USD Pending Call Option Price has retraced into a corrective structure, inside our ascending channel at that level where we should watch for a buy setup based on our strategy. Follow for updates..!  

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Correlation Between Currency pairs

The mechanism of correlation between currency pairs is important to know as it can help to make informed decisions in your day to day trading. In addition, knowing this topic well allows us to...