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EUR/USD Outlook 10-14 October

EUR / USD is so ski to 1.12 after testing the 1,110, returning several times within the last period paths paths. The economic calendar next week sees two major events, both increasingly coming from...

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AUDNZD Pending Sell Option

AUDNZD Pending Sell Option EOD Moving into rising wedge with price having reached fibo 0.786. looking for short setup after a breakout below the wedge. Follow uo for updates!!!!

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EURUSD Outlook

EUR/USD dropped yesterday, clocking a low after receiving a positive news on the U.S. dollar. Traders were awaiting the German factory orders which came disappointing. As a result, the euro continues to suffer facing...

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Fundamental analysis

CRUDE OIL BATTLES IT OUT AT THE 50 USD MARK Crude oil has seen a resurgence in volatility as it moved sharply up after what markets deemed to be a bullish OPEC meeting in...

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EUR/JPY Pending Sell Option UPDATE

EUR/JPY Lats trade Update Hey Guys The bat pattern is almost completed. Looking for short position FX Spread TG on the chart Binary Opitons 10min max 15minutes trades Follow up for updates!!!!!

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Fundamental analysis

The week ahead has many a fundamental new release to look forward to, events which are sure to have traders licking their lips at the implied volatility and the numerous trading opportunities they create....

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Introduction Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance We can imagine the support and resistance as a floor and a glass ceiling limiting the excursion of the market movement. Understanding these important concepts will help us to develop a...

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EUR/GBP short term trade

(i) Purely based on Trendlines & price action (ii) This is aggressive setup, so non-risk takers don’t trade (iii) Enter after valid analysis only ! Follow up for updates!!!!!!!

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The consolidation movement is bound to be distorted by the intervention of Yellen and especially from a possible intervention on interest rates. A rate increase above the + 0.50% would result in a strengthening...