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EUR/GBP short term trade

(i) Purely based on Trendlines & price action (ii) This is aggressive setup, so non-risk takers don’t trade (iii) Enter after valid analysis only ! Follow up for updates!!!!!!!

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W Pattern and Cup Pattern Trades.

Hello Dear Traders. Today i want to review our trades on EURGBP which we have done by 8-9-2016 on TradingView. Since i receive lots of question and request to review this situations, let’s do...

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Trading Phases

Trading Phases When a trend is underway, the price rarely follows the same direction constantly, but instead performs oscillations; it takes breaks, then explodes into trend, then stops again. These phases are defined in...

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USDJPY Outlook

USDJPY finished the week strong, closing above channel resistance that extends from the 2016 high at 121.68. I mentioned this pattern last week along with the potential turning point for the US dollar. After...

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Timeframes Every single timeframe on a graph is useful in collecting information on our chosen cross. Longterm Chart A one week chart and a one month chart are extremely useful in gaining a wider...