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Fundamental Analysis

We are back again!   The Economic Calendar from January 29 to February 2 The first meeting in 2018 of FEDERAL RESERVE will again lift the veil on the most important elements of US monetary policy.  The market...


Ngas Outlook

Ngas on Friday prices dropped in a downtrend (a bearish bias) through trendline support near Fibo 0.618 level which is now seen as Resistance at 2.92. Support is seen near 2.86 Fibo 1 level As we can see...

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CFD & FX Trading Results

Hello, dear traders and subscribers! In this report you will see the financial outcome, the trades report of our strategy CFD & FX   Daily Report  13-06-2017 Daily Report 14-06-2017

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Fundamental Analysis

The Economic Calendar In the week from 12 to 16 June. Federal Reserve (United States), Bank of England (UK), Bank of Japan (Japan) and Swiss National Bank (Switzerland) Monday, June 12 Australia: Market Closed...


CFD US Cocoa Futures Outlook

US Cocoa Daily chart last Friday price closed up to EMA interesting zone in order for us to approach to the major resistances. Rsi Indicators on bullish Momentum around 55 level. Price Failed to...

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Gold Outlook

Daily Chart Gold prices follow a growing trend on the daily chart below. The prices had weakened the technical structure with the downturn of the bottom trunk of the channel some week ago after...

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Trading with confirmations

Hello traders, in this article we will catch one of the most important aspect in trading which may increase you trading accuracy but also build confidence in you trading: trading with CONFIRMATIONS. In trading...

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Dear Friends ,In technical analysis there are particular patterns, that is, of particular formations that can greatly help the trader to analyze the market and to take advantage of particular price movements that are...


AUDUSD Outlook

AUDUSD Pending Sell Option Price has moved to a Key Daily Resistance. We are looking for short opportunities. Entry can be: – at 88.6 as a Bat pattern and have two targets (38.2 and...